Brands with heart connect with people – every one of your stakeholders.

That connection influences their behavior.

And the process to create that connection takes brains, creativity, and know-how.

We Build Your Story From the Ground Up.

How do you translate brand voice into dynamic messaging that all stakeholders can believe in?


Today’s consumers demand transparency and access, but they absolutely delight in experience. When transparency, access and experience are aligned, it creates marketing magic, because that consumer will be your best and most vocal ambassador.

It’s the same goal for every single one of your stakeholders. When we say, we build your story from the ground up, we look at every touchpoint and build your brand story to be clear, engaging and effective for anyone who encounters it.

We are experts at creating effective strategies to get your brand in front of the right influencers, with the right messaging at the right time.  We are work with our clients on their most critical and challenging marketing puzzles, and thrive on providing the path to solve them.

How can we help you build your story?

Work With A Visionary PR Leader: Tami McCarthy

  • CEO Leadership Experience
  • Smart, Strategic Communications Expert
  • Proven 20+ Year Track Record
  • Collaborative, Creative Approach
  • Dynamic Storyteller
  • Mastery of Brand Narratives
  • Specialty in Creating Effective On-Message Communications
  • Track Record of Creating Multi-Platform Strategic Communications Programs That Work

Tami McCarthy, Founding Partner & CEO of The McCarthy Group, has created some of the most effective and compelling communications campaigns of the last 20 years. She’s worked with global financial services companies, scrappy tech start-ups, historic media brands and iconic individuals.  She’s driven by a passion for precise and creative brand storytelling and obsessive personal service.

Tami can help you solve your most challenging communications challenge quickly and efficiently.  And you’ll have fun too!


“Every product, person or company has a story. I’ll work with you and your team to design and implement the best stories that get you noticed, heard and remembered.”


We engage with our clients for individual projects and on an ongoing basis with the single purpose of driving immediate and lasting change in your communications strategy.


  • Brand Voice + Positioning
  • Messaging Hierarchy
  • Media Relations Strategy


  • Strategic Roadmap
  • Messaging Alignment
  • Brand Story Development
  • Communications Framework


  • Product Specific Initiatives
  • Focused Brand Work
  • Content Plan That Ladders Back to Messaging

Some Of Our Clients:

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