Today’s consumers demand transparency and access, but they absolutely delight in experience. When transparency, access and experience are aligned, it creates marketing magic, because that consumer will be your best and most vocal ambassador.

It’s the same goal for every single one of your stakeholders. When we say, we build your story from the ground up, we look at every touchpoint and build your brand story to be clear, engaging and effective for anyone who encounters it.

We are experts at creating effective strategies to get your brand in front of the right influencers, with the right messaging at the right time.  We are work with our clients on their most critical and challenging marketing puzzles, and thrive on providing the path to solve them.

At The McCarthy Group, we approach each client engagement with curiosity, excitement and energy. Our process focuses on clearly understanding your brand and its position in the market, identifying the unique characteristics of the audience, learning the specific outcomes that you desire for your brand and customizing a suite of communications solutions, from Public Relations to Digital Marketing to Events, to achieve those goals. We believe strongly that fact-based strategies, derived from company knowledge, market data and original research result in measurable tactics.

Each step of the way, you will work directly with our Partners, benefiting from their experience and deep understanding. We believe that one of our critical advantages is our personal involvement with our clients, from on-boarding to program development through the execution of the specific initiatives.



Each client engagement kicks off with a detailed assessment of the company, the brand, the market, the audience and the opportunity. TMG’s team collaborates with Client management to define the scope and present a series of conclusions and objectives for the Communications opportunity.

Objectives & Alignment

Objectives are clearly defined and aligned with the Client’s internal business goals. This stage of the process gives both TMG and its Clients the broad framework to develop the appropriate strategy and the benchmarks to measure progress against.

Brand Story Framework

Every brand’s story has to be simple, consistent and compelling. We work with our clients to craft a story that can be leveraged in every content channel — web marketing, sales collateral, communications programs, public relations — and that links back to the Client’s overall brand taxonomy, the structure that drives website design, meta tags and search results.

Tactical Plan

Once the strategy, brand story framework and objectives have been defined, TMG masterfully creates a mix of planned initiatives that brings your message to your audience in ways that are buzz-worthy, actionable, shareable, trackable and measurable. We customize the techniques and channels to the unique requirements of our clients.


For us, execution is everything. This becomes evident in our long list of happy clients, our track record for results, and the widespread industry recognition we have received for our creative and communications excellence.

Tami McCarthy

Tami McCarthy

Founder, The McCarthy Group

  • CEO Leadership Experience
  • Smart, Strategic Communications Expert
  • Proven 20+ Year Track Record
  • Collaborative, Creative Approach
  • Dynamic Storyteller
  • Mastery of Brand Narratives
  • Specialty in Creating Effective On-Message Communications
  • Track Record of Creating Multi-Platform Strategic Communications Programs That Work

Core: Club

We loved working with Tami and her team. She’s smart, and understands the brand strategy development process so well. Tami came on board to help us take the CORE: brand platform to the next level across all channels.  She and her team were successful in garnering greater visibility for us in the business and lifestyle press. The McCarthy Group also handled PR for our other business dangene: the Institute of Skinovation, where we were consistently covered in top media outlets. They are top-notch, know what works, and are fun to work with!

Jennie Enterprise, Founder/CEO, Core: Club

Tami and her team provided a fresh, new look and feel for Apartment Finder’s brand – helping us to advance our brand to a new level. The creative concepts and enhancements were exactly what we needed, every step along the way. I highly recommend Tami and TMG for marketing that makes a difference. All projects completed for us were game changers – and launched us into a new direction! Tami has a passion for enhancing an organization’s marketing platform – and it shows in her work. We are grateful for the talent she shared over the years and still does today.

Marcia Bollinger, president, Apartment Finder

Marcia Bollinger, President,


DigitalSherpa was a fast-growing social media solutions start-up when we had the idea to leverage the interior design blogosphere for viral branding. We had a general idea what we wanted to do: a contest with top prizes for winning bloggers. We had no idea how to stage or administer this initiative. We turned to TMG, who had handled our ongoing branding and PR work, mainly because of their advanced grasp of viral and social media marketing. They helped us engage top bloggers, get the word of the contest spread around the web, administer the contest, establish rules and judging processes, and ultimately fulfill all elements of the effort. The contest outcomes generated significant profile enhancement for the business, generated new business and clients, and established brand credibility in the design blogger community.
We appreciate TMG’s expertise, tactile maneuvering through the blogosphere, and professional support that helped make our unformed idea a successful springboard for our business.

Adam Japko, president, DigitalSherpa

Adam Japko, President, DigitalSherpa


I had the great opportunity to work with Tami on Citi’s launch of Google Wallet, in support of which we worked very closely with internal product development teams at both Citi and Google. I was continuously impressed by Tami’s ability to immediately grasp, and understand the context around, key project elements, her media relations savvy, attention to detail and proactive engagement.

Tami is a supreme professional – strategic, easy to work with and laser-focused on achieving optimal project results. I learned an incredible amount working with her and truly look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.

Courtney Zwart, SVP Global New Product Development, Citi

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