360 identify | Define | resolve process


Each client engagement kicks off with a detailed assessment of the company, the brand, the market, the audience and the opportunity. The objective is to clearly identify and define the problem at hand. We collaborate with Client management to define the scope and present a series of conclusions and objectives for the Engagement.

Objectives & Alignment

Objectives are clearly defined and aligned with the Client’s internal business goals. This stage of the process gives both us and our Clients the broad framework to develop the appropriate strategy and the benchmarks to measure progress against.

Solution Framework

We strive to make the outcome of every engagement simple and achievable. This objective drives our development of the Solution Framework. We deliver this in a collaborative discussion with the Client, and adapt and amend its aspects to accommodate the culture and capability of the organization.

Tactical Plan

Once the Objectives and the Solution Framework have been defined, we work with the Client to identify and detail a set of planned initiatives that are actionable, shareable, trackable and measurable. We customize the techniques and tools to the unique requirements of our Clients.


In the end, execution is everything. This evidenced by our long list of satisfied and recurring clients, our track record for results, and the widespread industry recognition we have received. We work with our Clients to ensure that the Tactical Plan is effective, adopted and delivering the desired results. If we identify execution gaps, we will work with the Client to ensure they are targeted and closed.

Dan and Tami provided the vision, tools and tactics that provided a path for the overall transformation of our business. They are incredibly dynamic and fun to work with.
— Adam Japko, Entrepreneur

Sample Engagements:

  • Restructuring of traditional media company to drive digital strategy and increase profits. (Long-term engagement)

  • Brand positioning & communications strategy for launch of ad tech startup.

  • Evaluation of equity investment in commerce company.

  • Product development for digital application in building industry.

  • Launch communications strategy for digital wallet partnership.

  • Development of digital assets and marketing communications strategy for credit education product.

  • Identification, evaluation and investment recommendation on multiple acquisition prospects.


Representative clientS::